Automotive Ceramic Paint Coating

Our team is proud to begin offering automotive ceramic paint coating services. These coatings will not only make your vehicle look better, they will protect the surfaces from environmental damage and help keep the protected surfaces cleaner. These coatings can be applied to a vehicle’s painted surfaces as well as surfaces already protected by a paint protection film. The product information and videos below highlight the products we offer.

TEC581 Ceramic Polish is the first polish to contain ceramic surface material. This polish can be used as a standalone or as an excellent choice for preparing a vehicle surface for the ceramic paint coating. It will correct paint flaws leaving the surface gleaming and ready for the protective step.

TEC583 XPC3 Ceramic Wheel Protectant

TEC583 XPC3® Ceramic Wheel Protectant is the easiest way to get ceramic surface protection on OEM and aftermarket wheels. Once sprayed onto the wheel, the product instantly begins to bond to the surface giving maximum protection and gloss. The treated surface will resist road dirt, grime, and brake dust and make future cleanings easier. The protection is seen with the tight water beading and the wheel will have more luster. Will last up to 3 months under normal driving conditions.

TEC580 Automotive Ceramic Coating

TEC580 Ceramic Coating is the purest form of surface protection you can apply to your vehicle. Coatings form chemical bonds to the applied substrate, which become both chemically and wear resistant. These chemical bonds are hard to break once cured and give outstanding performance characteristics. The liquid ceramic coating will provide years of protection against all types of environmental attacks. The ceramic resin acts like an additional layer of clear coat which gives increased depth of gloss and enhanced color. Ceramic coating creates an almost non-stick layer which reduces the adhesion of dirt, grime and bugs. The cured ceramic coating is extremely hydrophobic, chemical & scratch resistant.

Vehicles Recently Getting Ceramic Paint Coating

Ceramic Paint Coating by Professional Window Tint 2Ceramic Paint Coating by Professional Window Tint 3Ceramic Paint Coating by Professional Window Tint 5
Ceramic Paint Coating by Professional Window Tint 6

If you have any additional questions about automotive ceramic coating or detailing services that we offered at Professional Window Tinting, please contact us today by calling our office at 563.690.0057. We would be happy to answer all of your questions about your particular application.