Reduce Operating Costs and Adopt Green Building Tech with Window Film

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Reduce Operating Costs and Adopt Green Building Tech with Window Film

We recently came across an article on Ecopreneurist that discusses how window film can be part of your business embracing green building technology to cut business costs while going green. Most business and building owners would like to adopt green building strategies as it is beneficial for the environment, but the cost of many of these technologies are often prohibitive when taking the bottom line into consideration. This is what makes commercial window film so attractive. This technology not only helps a building operate more efficiently, it often pays for itself in just a few years through utility cost savings.

As the article states, “When window tint is applied to a building it forms a protective barrier from many unwanted elements. On top of rejecting virtually all incoming UV light (a health benefit in its own right), tinting is also highly effective in heat absorption. Films are capable of absorbing up to well over 60% of incoming heat. When this happens, the propensity for cooling your buildings interior is all but certain to decrease. That, in turn, works to effectively slash energy costs for the business. While reduced energy costs might add to your businesses’ bottom line, it profits the environment as well. With less energy usage, more emissions are saved from being released into the atmosphere. While emissions saved by one business (alone) may not be enough to save our environment, collective action may bring us incredibly closer.”

It is certainly understandable that any business needs to keep an eye on the bottom line. With that in mind, in 2018 it is also important for any business to take steps to operate in an environmentally friendly way when possible. As the article continues, it states “it’s time for companies to take more action towards being environmentally sustainable. Window tinting offers a grand opportunity for just that. Unlike most eco-friendly activities, tinting provides direct, tangible savings on the balance sheet. As companies continue to tighten their belts, and consumers become more eco-conscious, the backdrop may be set for something truly incredible.”

If you would like to learn more about how window film can bring your business into the green building movement in a cost effective way that makes sense on the bottom line, click HERE and call 563-690-0057 or email us at We would be happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and estimate of implementing a window film solution into your space.

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